How It Works

Have a web application in mind, but don’t know how to proceed? Well look no further that NoonRock for your web development needs.  If you’ve never worked with a web developer before, it can be intimidated or confusing to know where to start.  Here is a outline of how we approach the web development projects we develop.

  1. Call or email us with project details and requirements.
  2. Our engineers will review the requirements and make recommendations on how to accomplish the project in a timely and effective manner.
  3. Once a consensus has been reached on the requirements and recommendations, then a proposal is created.
  4. Upon acceptance of the proposal and deposits (if any) are received, we start the project.
  5. You will receive at least weekly updates on the project status.
  6. We will contact you with questions or concerns about the specific requirements that might not be clear. (most interaction is by email.)
  7. Once the project has been completed and deemed satisfactory by you, the application is uploaded to your server and the project is closed.
  8. We send an invoice for the remaining balance on the project.
  9. Any subsequent upgrades or modifications are generally charged at a hourly rate.
  10. You enjoy the benefits of a finely crafted web application.

What We Need to Get Started

  • Project description and end use of the application. 
  • Design criteria (how do you want it to look)
  • Project deadline or milestones for extended term projects (longer that 1 month)
  • Hosting details (where you want the application hosted)
  • Contact information (who to contact in your organization for different aspects of the application)
  • Deposit (sometimes on extended projects, we will require a deposit to help pay the bills, while we are developing your application.)
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